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Blockchain patent-based landscape and trends. An IntelliSemantic web conference

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IntelliSemantic will held a web conference on Blockchain technologies, applications landscape and trends on 15/07/2021 from 16:00 CET till 17:30 CET. The landscape will be based on blockchain patents collected and accessed by the tool MyIntelliPatent. 

The web conference will be typically addressed to business and IT strategists for supporting their vision and strategies. 

The agenda of the web conference includes:
1) Introduction 
2) Criteria used for patent collection and classification
3) Exploring most active applicants by years
4) Exploring most popular applications and technologies by year 
5) Most significant patents identified
6) Conclusions
7) Question and answers 

The web conference fee is 100 Euro. This fee includes the live access to the web conference and the access the registration after the event. 

To register to the web conference, please click here.

In the case you would need to cancel your registration, send an e-mail to info@intellisemantic.com till the day before the event, i.e. by 14/07/2021. 

Finally, participants of this web conference which will activate an annual subscription to the blockchain landscape and monitoring service in the year after this web conference, i.e by 14/07/2022, will be entitled to obtain a 100 euro discount for their annual subscription.

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