Document search and categorization

IntelliFacet/IntelliCategory is a search and categorization suite extracting implicit information from your documents, and supporting efficient and user friendly searches. It is easy to customize for different domains and to integrate with the target application and content platform through simple REST APIs.

Who is it aimed at?

B2E enterprise content management applications can benefit from IntelliFacet in order to improve the quality and efficiency in document retrieval and analysis for different verticals, as for example law, medicine, and use cases, as in marketing, research, project management, purchasing, human resource management and IP management, or in different kind of solutions, like e-Learning and CRM.

B2C and B2B portal applications can benefit from IntelliFacet in order to improve the user experience and support the knowledge manager in large spectrum and specialized portals, including Web 2.0 solutions, for telco and media, e-Government, e-Health, e-Tourism solutions, for better revenues and less costs.



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