Why Natural Language and Semantics

Text analysis technologies become more and more relevant today in professional activities, since the amount of internal or web-accessed documents is increasing, whilst the request of more efficiency and accuracy in analyzing them is increasing as well.

Different kind of text analysis technologies are possible, for set of documents or for single document, from the extraction of relevant entities to the identification of most relevant sentences and sections, to the categorization of documents by topics, by relevance.

Semantics adds meaning to text and data, so that they can be understood not only by men but by machines to achieve a further level of efficiency.

In order to accomplish that, it is necessary to add to the application a) suitable natural language technologies, to associate the text with their meaning, b) a knowledge data base, for describing the meanings. These knowledge data are typically represented as linked data.

Different uses of semantics in a specific application domain, i.e. patents, are detailed here.

IntelliSemantic has developed reliable and efficient text mining engines, as IntelliCategory and IntelliFacet, which are used in MyIntelliPatent and can be used also custom projects, whilst has gained a significant know how in the use Semantics in its OTS solutions as well in its custom projects.

The IntelliSemantic tutorial presentation on "Semantics and Web 3.0" can be accessed here.

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